Designed with the pre-set limit switch, this durable and smart Projection Screen offers a vivid picture quality by rejecting the light penetration. It is well-designed, easy to clean, and supports a smooth installation process.

  • Designed for controlled and uniform rolling of screen fabric, the motor is concealed within the roller which ensures smooth and quiet operation
  • Pre-set limit switch allows to fix the height of the motorized projection screen to a certain extent before functioning
  • Durable casing for wall and ceiling installations
  • High-Gained Fiber Glass matte white offers clear and vivid picture
  • The screen material is durable and easy to clean
  • Black-backed screen material eliminates light penetration
  • 4-side black masking borders increase picture focus & contrast
  • Lightweight steel white case for easy installation

Screen Type Motorized Motorized Motorized Motorized
Mount Type Ceiling & Wall mount Ceiling & Wall mount Ceiling & Wall mount Ceiling & wall mount
Screen Fabric Fiber Glass Matte White Fiber Glass Matte White Fiber Glass Matte White Fiber Glass Matte White
Aspect Ratio 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10
Gain 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Case Color White White White White
Projection Type Front Front Front Front
Motor Tubular motor Tubular motor Tubular motor Tubular motor
Control RF RF RF RF
Screen Size Diagonal 93" 109" 123" 135"
Viewing Area (V1xV2) 2000x1250 2345x1465 2650x1650 2910x1820
Height (H) 1825 2040 2230 2395
Width (W) 2060 2405 2710 2970
Length (L) 2163 2508 2823 3083
B1xB2xB3 30x20x550 30x20x550 30x20x550 30x20x550
Casing Size (A1xA2) 85x85 85x85 85x85 85x85
Pelmet size (LxWxD) 2363x225x225 2708x225x225 3023x225x225 3268x225x225
Fabric Thickness 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Product Weight 11.0 kg 13.0 kg 15.0 kg 17.0 kg
Shipping Weight 13.0 kg 15.0 kg 17.0 kg 19.0 kg
Shipping Dimension (LxWxH) 2250x150x150 2580x160x130 2900x160x130 3160x150x140